Domino is one of Marvel's greatest marksmen, she has the mutant power of probability manipulation, she has been able to hold her ground against big names like Deadpool and Wolverine, a longtime member of X-Force and FYI, is one of the stars of the second highest selling comic-book of all time.

In short she is a bad-ass and used to be pretty big, not X-Men, Spider-Man or Hulk big, but still well-known in comic-book circles in the 90s and early 00s.

However, in the past five years she has been getting ignored by Marvel and started appearing less and less until now her biggest roles have been a cameo in the new X-Force and a secondary character in the Deadpool video game.

But probably most annoying is her getting the shaft in SHIELD #1 where despite already having done missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. and atrusted by many of the agents, she gets shafted for people like Electra who has killed dozens of agents. Then for the first all Women Avengers team, A-Force, she gets shafted for characters like Jubilee, someone that Marvel has always struggled making interesting & relevant (and when crucifixion and vampirism doesn't work, you know you're in trouble).


Why is she been getting ignored lately? It can't be because of this X-Men/FOX conspiracy because it started before that and like I said, characters like Jubilee and Angel are still getting seats in the A-Force (also, does that conspiracy actually have any proof or is it just a myth people keep perpetuating?). Does it have something do with her creator Rob Liefeld and that wired rights thing that happened in the early 00s? Or am I jest seeing things that aren't there?