Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I've been binge watching this show recently in hopes that it will click for me at some point.

So far, the thing I have the hardest time buying into is that world changing events happen in Canada.


But it brings up an issue I've had with a lot of sci-fi shows over the years. Why do world shattering events only take place in one city? Almost no "real-world-ish" (those based in a version of our reality) tv series take advantage of global resources.

Person of Interest thinks irrelevant deaths are only relevant in New York.

Arrow has the island and the city ... that's it.

Other examples I can't think of in the moment.

It makes sense for periodic detective shows like Elementary or NCSIOrder [Insert City Name]. Those shows aren't assuming no crimes happen elsewhere, just that their characters are managing the crimes in their city. But, when super villains come into the picture, why do they only ever ransack the city with the super hero?

The only show in recent memory that expanded the universe and was good sci-fi was Flash Forward ... man, I miss that show.

Am I wrong? Maybe I'm wrong. I'm willing to be wrong.

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