Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I haven’t read the review that was on the main page yet, since I wanted to form an opinion for myself. So I apologize if I tread some of the same ground.

Only very mild SPOILERS ahead…

If you are the type of person who talks a lot about “pacing” and “cohesion” when you talk about movies, you probably won’t like Kick-Ass 2. Most of the movie did kind of meander, and there was a lot of different stuff going on.


I was okay with that. There were a lot of great character moments and a fair amount of laughs (though overall, I’d say it wasn’t nearly as humorous as the first one). I really liked how they handled Hit Girl’s continued development; she feels real. No matter how bad-ass she is in a fight, she can still cry when the girls at school are mean to her. Kick-Ass himself actually had much less development, but his actions played out realistically, such as lashing out at his dad and feeling appropriately shitty about that afterwards.

I was disappointed that we got so little of Stars and Stripes. From his appearance in the trailers, I expected the movie to have some themes about how the superheroes can go overboard with their enthusiasm for justice. I hoped the movie would elicit some thought-provoking questions about what kind of means are justified to accomplish your ends. That never happened.


But the movie really lost me at the end.

That slight tang of SPOILER gets decidedly spicier from here…

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When the confrontation became necessary, I expected Kick-Ass and Hit Girl to come up with a clever plan to defeat their more powerful enemy. Instead, they decided to meet force with force. That was incredibly dumb. All of their allies were amateurs, and most of them did not carry lethal weapons. Motherfucker’s team, on the other hand, had already proven themselves capable of indiscriminate killing, and they were known to be stockpiling explosives. There is no way this should have gone well.

I’m not simply complaining about how ‘unrealistic’ the climactic scene was. I am willing to forgive a lot of things in comic book movies. My problem is that it was a much less satisfying pay-off than if the heroes had won with cleverness and guile. It was boring.

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