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QuizUp is in the Play Store

That's right folks, QuizUp has made its way to Android. You can get it here. I'm having a blast so far just screwing around in the Marvel Universe section (for Movies). Although I've likely got an advantage in that over the average person. (Being a geek and Marvel fanboy and all that.)

I'm sure some of you are already playing on the iOS version, but for us Android fans this is new.


Now for an Android review of it.

It isn't following any of the more recent UI guidelines, but it looks quite fetching nonetheless. I'm even willing to give it a pass in general because of how striking it looks. (I'm a big fan of the general UI design guidelines Google has laid out and an even bigger fan of any app that follows them, but if an app looks good and functions well while doing its own thing then more power to it.)

Word of warning to some of you, you know who I'm aiming this at, the app DOES NOT support the ART runtime. So if you want to play it you'll have to switch back to the Dalvik one. I know, I know. We like us some ART, but the benefits of using it are minimal at best at the moment. Battery life tests from most of the sites we visit have shown it to be minor (we're talking 10-15 minutes extra battery life tops at the moment). While some apps do launch a bit faster thanks to it, the overall benefits are almost none. ART isn't going to come into its prime until the next Android version or so, so there's no end user benefit for the most part just yet. If it means getting to play a pretty fun game (and getting to use the Xposed framework again when I do root), then I for one can live without it.

Oh, the app does allow for sign in using Google+, which is an obvious plus. In addition to which it does tie into the Google Play Games api, so you'll be able to keep track of your progress and achievements. (As well as potentially challenge friends. You can do this already in the app itself if you know their username, but any app that ties into the Google Play Games api is one up on every other app in my book. I love challenging my friends and seeing what they're playing and up to.)


Overall, this seems like a fun little app/game. I know all kinds of trivia related stuff covering a broad range of subjects. An opportunity to test my knowledge against others (from all around the world) is definitely something I enjoy doing. That I can do so on my phone and in such a great looking app is all the better.

My suggestion is install it and let's hope we run into each other. For fun and all. : ) We're all friends here and there's no harm in some friendly competition.

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