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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

RadioSilence Watches Marvel: Part 2 - The Incredible Hulk

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As a complete comic book newbie I've decided to watch the Marvel movies to see what all the fuss is about. Every week I will be watching them in release order and live blogging my thoughts. I started last week with Iron Man, next comes The Incredible Hulk.


The point of these reviews is that I don't know what's coming. Please don't spoil me for what's to come. Don't tell me which ones are good or bad, anything. last week I listed what I knew about the films and my knowledge is already proving to be terribly wrong, but then I knew it would be when it's mostly gained from animated GIFs on Tumblr. And that's the way I like it, I'm enjoying being surprised so once again, please leave me in my ignorance, all will be revealed to me in good time.


Now that's all said, on with the show…

Ok, so the only thing I thought I knew about the Hulk was that it was Mark Ruffalo, but Edward Norton is getting top billing here. Seems I spoke too soon with my comment last week about them planning ahead with the casting.


But hey… Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and John Hurt are in it. I love them! Not that I don't like Teddy Norton.

Self experimentation?

Man they're getting straight into it, no hanging around.

Green Sasquatch :D

Call backs (calls back?) to Stark and Nick Fury there.

Because of course all you need to learn a new language is Sesame Street and a dictionary.


All I want of a movie is a training montage, could this be it?

Uh-oh, some kids going to get a bottle of Hulk-aid.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry" :)

It was Stan Lee got the contaminated soda! Did he have a cameo in Iron Man? If he did I missed it.


Aw, Tim, you didn't have to kill the pooch.

How is it daylight all of a sudden? Seconds ago it was dark and he was asleep, now there's kids playing football and people playing drums in the street!?


Hulk time!

He's really taking out those identikit special ops guys.

Well, I've woken up in worse places than that.

How the fuck did he get to Guatemala? That's like two thousand miles from Brazil!


Why's Tim Roth wearing a US military uniform? Even if he's on secondment from the Royal Marines he'd still wear his own dress uniform, no?

He grows stubble at about the same rate as Tony Stark. Maybe Marvel beards grow for two days and then stop?


Ah, stretchy pants. Solves the one big problem about The Hulk.

Who's this Pizza guy who knows all about Teddy's girlfriend's new guy?

Oh hey is that Lou Ferrigno? He's looking surprisingly good.

He's in on the first password guess?

Is it raining? I hadn't noticed.

Dad? Ooh, that's gotta sting.

They just have to get those humvees airborne, huh? They're going to wreck the suspension.


We're only halfway through the film, I thought that was the big set-piece! But of course, Hulk's gotta poop out that USB stick at some point, and who knows how long his small intestine is at this point? (sorry)

Oh, well that was quicker than I thought.

Don't make his heart rate get too high, Liv.

Ah, I got to the joke before they did :)

For Sale: the worst truck in the world

So why did he need to email the data if they were going directly to see Mr. Blue?


Tin Roth. Is. BRIT-HULK!

Glass tubes of coloured water, a must-have for every modern bio-chemistry lab.

Tim Roth. Is. Hulk-Junkie!

Everybody's doing Hulk now, this has turned into Trainspotting!

So if Teddy Norton!Hulk is cured now, is Ruffalo!Hulk a different Hulk?

Who just falls out of a helicopter hoping to hulk-out on the way down? Especially after just being cured of hulkitis.


I bet he's got a Hulk-size headache now.

How come Norton's Hulk has hair but Roth's doesn't?

Hulk clap out flames! Bravo Hulk!

Wait, where was John Hurt? Did I misread that?

Ah, *William* Hurt.

Oh, so no post-credits scene here? Was that bit with Tony Stark a pre-credits post-credits scene?


Good, but not as good as Iron Man. The effects were worse for one thing, and some of the dialogue in the Roth/Hurt exposition scenes was terrible, though the plot was good and the set pieces were great. Overall not bad but not outstanding, either.


I had it in my head that it was Thor next, but looking at my list it seems it's Iron Man 2. Odd to go back to Iron Man so soon, but I guess that had been a really big hit. Oh well,I liked Iron Man, so I'm not complaining.


Top image is credited to "DeviantArt user Hobo123″ here, though I can't find that user on DA. Let me know if you know the source and I'll credit it properly.

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