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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

RadioSilence Watches Marvel: Part 3 - Iron Man 2

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A quick explanation of my project: A comic book neophyte, me, watches the recent Marvel movies and reviews them by giving his initial reactions. Parts one and two can be found here. Just a quick heads-up, the fun in this for me is that I really don't know anything about what's coming up and what I think I know is probably wrong, please don't spoil me on what's to come. Thanks.


Iron Man's dad co-invented the arc-reactor with this guy?

Sam Rockwell? John Slattery? I'm going to like this film

Ah, the big Russian guy's Mickey Rourke, I knew I recognised him.

If they can make these magic power generators, why keep them small? The one at the Stark facility was huge, you could power ships with these, never mind space marine armour.


Perfect super hero three point landing.

Still knows how to put on a show does ol' Stark.

But still kind of an asshole, though ;)

Seems Frank was right, they recast Rhodey!

Ooh! power whip arm thingies!

Tony has a Skutter!

Pep got a promotion, and nothing less than she deserves!

"Don't think, drink' That's my new motto right there. Cheers!

Scarlett! And she kicks ass!

Monaco! Man, I need to go there sometime. That helicopter shot is kinda the reverse of the favella shot in Hulk.


Ha, pissing off the F1 drivers :)

Woah, lightsaber whip guy is chopping cars in half!

He's going to have his own foot off,

You can't fit that much metal into a suitcase. There's bits unfolding from nowhere.


Ooh, I think he did have his foot off o_O

Oh well he's walking here. Must've just blown his boot off or something. It really looked like his foot was dangling by a thread when they dragged him away.


Ok, Tony's been snorting something.

This just turned into Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The mMvie

If I were the DJ I would've packed up my laptop and ran for it, not continued to soundtrack the fight


Don't look into the sun with binoculars! What did they teach you at flight controller school?

It seems I have to quote Top Gun in every Iron Man movie: "Tower this is Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes requesting a fly by" "Negative, Rhodey, the pattern is full"


"Exit the doughnut" - Tony's midlife crisis continues

That's why you drive a convertible, so you can transport ridiculously unwieldy objects.


Yeah, nothing much, just making a mini-super collider in my basement.

A new element. What's it called, Starkium?

Tony's gonna have to kick some serious ass here.

Natasha might be my favourite. She's seriously prodding buttock. Her and Pepper, taking care of business.


No, she's definitely my favourite now.

"Tony Stark: The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room."


Hey, that was fun. The plot didn't seem to be as well cooked as the first one, it would've been stronger with one baddie so they could devote some more time to him rather than split the attention between two and have neither of them getting enough screen time (I liked both Rourke and Rockwell's* characters but thought they were a bit under-explored, and Rhodey's B-plot could've done with more screen time, too), but the darker themes worked well, definitely gave it that middle-part-of-a-trilogy feel, and the set-pieces were again spectacular. I like how I'm seeing more and more characters that I recognise from seeing pictures/GIFs of the later movies. This film just feels more integrated with the idea of what I had in my head as a shared universe that Hulk just didn't seem to have. But then it would feel more integrated as I've only seen Iron Man and Hulk films so far. I'm interested to see how I feel about this after watching Thor next week.



*What is it with these arms manufacturers with hugely charismatic and extroverted CEOs in this world?


Top image is credited to "DeviantArt user Hobo123″ here, though I can't find that user on DA. Let me know if you know the source and I'll credit it properly.

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