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RadioSilence Watches Marvel: Part 5 - Captain America

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You know the drill, I didn't think comic books/super heroes were my thing but I'm conducting an experiment to see what I was missing. Every week I watch one of the Marvel stable of movies, give you my thoughts as I watch, and then a review at the end.


Part one in the series gives you a better introduction, if you need it, and lets you know what I thought I knew prior to watching any of these movies, all the other parts can be found under the RadioSilence Watches Marvel tag.


Please don't give me any spoilers about what's coming, what I've got wrong or anything, let me see each movie as they come (I really don't need to keep going on about this, you guys have been amazing and I'm sure you're all snickering behind your hands at me but that's all part of the fun, too).

So on with the show: Captain America: The First Avenger

That's a classier truck than the guys from Thor had.

Is it frozen Steve?

Octopus Nazis?

Octopus Nazis who speak to each other in English, when the Norwegian guys from 20 seconds ago were speaking to each other in Norwegian?


Is this Indiana Jones 5?

Is the old Norwegian guy Argus Filch/Walder Frey? And the Nazi guy is Agent Smith/Elrond? Really, all we are waiting for here is Indiana Jones/Han Solo to appear and fuck shit up.


Wait, that octopus badge only has six arms. It's a sexopus. Or a hexopus, I don't know my Greek and Latin.

He's got a very deep voice for a weedy guy like that. Lets hope he grows into it ;)


If that's not Steve's boyfriend I bet the internet says he is.

Is this Stark Sr.'s expo thing?

It is! I knew it :)

Steve's soldier "friend"'s girl looks a lot like Jenna Coleman.

Ah, he's called Bucky. If Tumblr has taught me nothing it's that Steve loves Bucky.


Oh hey, we've got Toby Jones, too.

The guys who designed this secret underground military testing facility in Brooklyn know a thing or two about installing handrails. They should have a word with the Asgardian health and safety officers.


"Take off your shirt and tie" I'd say take off the belt too, if I didn't know it was just the shoulders that would be expanding. You can't become dorito-shaped without maintaining that slim waist.

Microphone-has-to-feed-back trope - check.

Steve went in, Buffy McBufferson came out.

Hey, he's using Ron Weasley as a human shield. The bastard!

That's very clean water for the East River in the 40s.

Ah, 'Hail Hydra', another thing Tumblr has taught me. So the octo/hexa/sexapus is the Hydra emblem.


Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, Belfast? Why's Belfast got a pin in it on that map? Belfast is a 'hostile capital', but not Cardiff or Edinburgh? Ok.

This 'A' helmet actually fits him. Did they increase his skull size when they beefcakerized him?


Is that Lt. Buck Compton in the moustache and bowler hat? Shouldn't he be invading Normandy right about now with Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 501st Airborne Division? Currahee!

Ew, that's a face-peel I don't want to see again :(

"Not without you. I love you, Steve!" I should've written this script. Much better.


"Let's hear it for my boyfriend, Captain America!" See!? They need me to edit this.

Holy shit, it's my future wife*, Natalie Dormer! Please say she's in more Marvel films.


*Stand back, Remedios Varo, I saw her first.

Oh, she didn't even get a line :(

"You're keeping the outfit, right?" Oh come on, you can't tell me the homoeroticism wasn't intentional. They'll be playing topless volleyball next! (you thought I wasn't going to get a Top Gun reference in this week?)


That is one hell of a dress Agent Carter! Ok, you, Bucky and Steve are my OT3. But can I add Natalie Dormer and have an OT4?

The future Mrs Silence got a line :)

Oh shit, Bucky went splat o_O I guess it's just Steve, Agent Carter and Natalie Dormer now. Oh well. I can live with that.


My goodness those cheekbones could cut glass, Agent Carter!

Wait, so he's not like cryogenically frozen by SHIELD or the army or whatever, it's just regular arctic ice? I've suspended a lot of disbelief in this movie, but being frozen for 70 years in ice and living? come on.


These movies all have great closing credits sequences.

Wow! They're really getting into their stride with these movies. If you look at part one you'll see the only thing I thought I knew about this film was that he gets frozen and wakes up in the modern day. Boy was I wrong. I thought the WWII bit was going to be his origin story then the main action would be post-freezing. I'm not complaining though, I love WWII movies (seriously, I went through a phase of trying to watch as many as possible, including some very crappy ones just in the name of completion) So yeah, really good script and direction, and I felt the bits that are integrating this with the other Marvel films were handled very smoothly, not at all heavy-handed, which it could've been seeing this takes place decades before the others. I think this is the best of the bunch so far.



Top image is credited to "DeviantArt user Hobo123″ here, though I can't find that user on DA. Let me know if you know the source and I'll credit it properly.

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