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Well here I am finally at the end of Phase One. Sorry I'm late this week, I actually went out on a Friday night for once, and then Kinja was buggered yesterday.

Every week I've been watching the recent Marvel movies and giving you my thoughts as a complete comics newbie. If you want a proper introduction go and read Part 1, all the instalments are available in the RadioSilence Watches Marvel tag.


I'm at the end of Phase One and you guys have done an amazing job of laughing at my lack of knowledge and not letting slip any of what's to come. Please continue to keep me unspoiled as it's fun for me to find stuff out as it happens and not have any idea.

I'll be giving this series a break and starting Phase Two in the new year, or whenever Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 become available on Netflix or to rent on Itunes, so lets go with Avengers Assemble (Why did we gat that stupid name in the UK?)

So the tesseract is our McGuffin for the movie? And we have aliens? Gotcha

Is that thingy from How I Met Your Mother? The Canadian one? Is this going to be like Thor and Natalie Portman all over again?


Oh, he just shot Fury! O_O

Some badass driving there on Agent HIMYM's part. I think she's my favourite so far. Of course Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson could show up to save the day again.


Oh hey, here's one of them, at least!

Did Edward Norton have plastic surgery? ;) (Man, it seems like I watched Hulk months ago.)


Potential energy to destroy the planet? Just how high up is it!?

Hey, it's Steve! And Steve's butt!


I mean, look at how the lighting was set up in that shot!

SHIELD have an aircraft carrier? Man someone's spending some coin there.

Wait, what? A flying aircraft carrier? Why? The planes you are carrying do the flying. If the carrier itself can fly why bother having planes at all? You might as well just have a flying ship. And if you're going that far just build a spaceship and have done with it.


And that's not even getting into how much power it would take to even lift a ship out of the water with rotor blades, I imagine they would have to be so big that they would weigh more than the ship itself. And since you're using rotor blades you're obviously not using a big one of Stark's magic power devices as they produce, like, rocket/jet-type propulsion like on the Iron Man suit. Hmm, not buying it (unlike the US government, obviously)(And on a side-note, how come it's always up to America to save the world from aliens?)

An invisible flying aircraft carrier? Did they need to impress us more?

Phil loves Steve, so cute :)

I really was not expecting Avenger vs. Avenger. This Thor/Iron Man fight is good B)


Why didn't Loki escape when the good guys were having their little contretemps? He just sat on top of that hill? I suspect he wants to be captured!

"He's adopted" :D

So can we bring up Thor's accent again. It's sounding more English in this scene. Is that what they were going for all along and he just couldn't do the accent properly first time round? Why didn't they just stick with Hemsworth's kinda-Scandanavian-sounding thing? At least that's appropriate to a Norse god. What has an English accent got to do with Thor? Hemsworth's own Australian accent would be just as arbitrary. I understand the bad-guys-speak-with-english-accents thing, and since his brother is the bad guy he gets one too? That can't be right.


"I dread what he plans for him once he's done" Ok, Thor's suddenly developed an Irish accent here. Will he be French next? :)

One more engine goes and we crash. Yeah, that's one of the shortcomings of flying your ship when you could just sail it.


Man, Barton's got arrows to do everything! Does he have a swiss army arrow that he takes with him when he doesn't want to carry the whole quiver?

Phil :(

Ok, these Iron Man suit deployments are getting crazy-impressive. I don't know how they're going to top that.


Alien robot mega fish spaceship thing. If you had used that term at the start of the film I would've looked at you askance.

Banner! A moped would've been funnier. Put-put-put.

"Clench up, Legolas" :D

Wait. Why'd Hulk just punch Thor?

And Loki's bones are now jelly.

OK, I had to look up shwarma. It's another name for doner kebab? That's not nice food. That's like the worst food, only ordered by drunks and people who want to get food poisoning. (It's been pointed out below that that sounds xenophobic and I don't want to imply that at all. But I don't want to just delete the problematic language as if I never said it at all. My apologies for offending anyone, I'll keep trying to think before I type, and learn from my mistakes) From the way Stark was talking about it it sounded like the cool new food everyone was talking about, is that what it is in America? Because we've had kebab meat here for a while, nobody would consider it sophisticated.


This seemed to take the formula of the previous movies - build the tension to an action sequence halfway through, then break down and build it up again for a bigger one at the end - and went for broke by having everyone involved. Some stuff worked better than others, the flying ship seemed a little contrived just so they would have something impressive to fight in/around for the midway set piece; Loki's mind control staff seemed to only work if he pointed it in someone's chest, but then it got inside everyone's heads and made them bicker without Loki present or any interaction with it on behalf of those it was affecting. But they're minor quibbles, and apart from that it was spectacular.


I said in the Thor review that aliens seemed so out of place when I started the series, but by introducing the Asgardians, then the… what were they called, Midichlorians? later, ramped up what was possible and didn't end up with the cognitive dissonance that would've happened if this movie was the first time we'd encountered a non-human threat.

So yeah, nice to see the gang together, looking forward to Phase Two next year :)


8.5/10 - level with Captain America in the top spot.

Top image is credited to "DeviantArt user Hobo123″ here, though I can't find that user on DA. Let me know if you know the source and I'll credit it properly.

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