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Ragnarok the Vote with Vote Loki #1

In the Marvel Universe, Loki has been many things over the years: supervillain, God of Evil, God of Lies, brother, sister, and even, at times, hero. However, at the end of his last series, Loki: Agent of Asgard, he died and was reborn again as the God/Goddess of Stories. And they decided “Good? Evil? Eh, let’s go with mischief.” So over in The Mighty Thor, they have been kind of...ambiguous in whether or not they are evil or good.

In Vote Loki, written by Christopher Hastings (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja) from an idea by Tom King and art by Langdon Foss, however, it seems all Loki wants to do is mess with people. They go to a political rally which is then attacked by Hydra, so Loki saves everybody:


And in the aftermath of the attack, since the cameras are still rolling, Loki does what they do best: tell a story. Specifically, about how the candidates are all terrible liars, but Loki is the best liar.

This leads, of course, to everyone wondering if Loki is going to run for President. Even J. Jonah Jameson gets in on the act:


Are they lying? Who knows. But Loki does decide to run for President, even getting a reporter to write a piece about them:


(I love how Loki is all “Are you more comfortable with women? Okay, now I’m a woman!” They aren’t bothered with gender at all.)

The reporter, Nisa, writes an article criticizing Loki, but Loki has the headline changed to something sounding positive and it works because almost everyone only reads the headline. They know how politics work, after all — it’s all just one big story.


Vote Loki #1 is a pretty good piece of social satire, coming out at the exact right time for something like this. Comic books have pretty long production schedules in the beginning and Vote Loki was solicited back in March, before Trump became the actual official nominee for President, so it looks like this book might be eerily prescient.

Of course, whether or not you would vote for Loki over Trump is entirely up to you.

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