So, I just completed my rewatching of RahXephon, an anime about a teenage boy piloting a mystical mecha. What follows is a spoilerific overview of the show.

RahXephon is often derided as a knockoff of the hit anime show Evangelion. While influences from Evangelion are easily recognizable in the show, RahXephon is a different beast altogether. What is particularly remarkable about the show is that as it goes on, true natures of the characters' relationships that are revealed become more and more insane. Not even Evangelion had relationships that were this messed up.

The main character is Ayato, a 17 year old teenager. He dated a girl named Haruka when he was 14, but a cataclysmic event separated them, and Haruka grew up faster than Ayato. Ayato's had his memories wiped by his mom, so he doesn't remember Haruka, but he does see visions of young Haruka as a mysterious girl his age named Reika, who often appears when he pilots a ginormous mecha.


The events of the show reunites Ayato and Haruka, who's turned 29 when she rescues 17 year old Ayato. Ayato doesn't remember Haruka, so Haruka doesn't tell him at all that they used to date until the penultimate episode, but she still has romantic feeling for him after 15 years. (gross.) She also tells him that Ayato's mom is a superhuman overlord, and he's been trapped in a time bubble around Tokyo. Ayato now has to beat up the enemy mecha that his mom sends his way.

Outside the bubble, Ayato also meets Quon, a 17 year old girl who can also see Reika in the same way he does. Quon lives with her brother who Haruka used to date as an adult. Quon is often shown as Ayato's equal or a counterpart on the show. They both can ride on Ayato's mecha, and she has a mysterious marking on her abdomen like Ayato (which marks the potential for godwood). Since Ayato doesn't know anyone outside the time bubble, Haruka takes Ayato under her wings and has Ayato stay at her house, which she shares with her sister and her uncle. (creepy.)


Weeeeell. It turns out that Haruka's uncle had a daughter, and that was Ayato's mom, so it would make Haruka Ayato's cousin, but it's okay because Ayato's mom was adopted! (still gross.) It also turns out that Ayato's mom is also Quon's twin sister, and Quon is Ayato's actual mother, or at least the source of his genes. (WTF?) It's just that Quon doesn't age. Quon's "brother", who's shown weird attachment to Quon, actually turns out to be Ayato's twin brother, so Haruka inadvertently dated a near perfectsubstitute for Ayato when she coldn't be with Ayato. (gross.) And Ayato's dad is some random guy who's in most episodes as a wacky extra.


Then it gets weirder. As Ayato attains godhood, it's confirmed that his divine counterpart is actually Quon, his mom of sorts. The mysterious girl Reika is revealed to be a manifestation of peoples' deepest desires named Ixtli (there's a lot of Mesoamerican motif for some reason), so Ayato sees Ixtli as young Haruka, and Quon actually sees Ixtli as Ayato. As gods, Ayato and Quon literally wrestle for the control of reality, and it's not certain if they're fighting or mating. Quon actually asks Ayato to be gentle as the sequence begins. (gross.) Ayato eventually subdues and absorbs her, and begins to change reality in his own image. The show ends with adult Ayato and adult Haruka happily married in the new reality, with a baby daughter named Quon. (gross.)

Can you think of an equally screwed up family tree? I'm thinking X-Men, but I don't think it'd be as disturbing as what I've described above.