Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

If you are ever tempted to put some whey protein shake in the microwave in an attempt to copy something you once had at Starbucks, don't.


Okay this is not an actual picture of the attempt. Mine looked much worse. Also the sweetener seemed to have been burned away and it sort started to resemble Styrofoam.

On to the next thing. If anyone has any advice for me this morning, in a couple of weeks I am supposed to wear a goofy hat. Last year I wore a very nice witch hat, which I suppose isn't all that goofy, but due to low participation in the event, I was about to win, but then a last minute entry of just a plain old paper hat won. I was robbed. So this year should I wear the witch hat again, or a black cowboy hat with some welding goggles, or a paper hat? Or should I try adding some toilet paper tissue flowers to some other hat?

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