Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Random question here about the most recently aired episode of SHIELD. Spoiler alert.

Did I mention spoiler alert? I'll mention it again. Here's a picture of a unicorn, just in case you accidentally clicked here or something.

Illustration for article titled Random questions about most recent episode of SHIELD

Okay. So. Skye gets shot twice, and is found in the basement of a fancy house apparently semi-isolated because it takes a bit of time for Coulson et al. to show up. When she is found, she exhibits a very weak pulse and evidence of large amounts of blood loss. Her supervisor is fairly certain, even before finding her, that she has been shot by a firearm.

So the team shoves her into a hyperbaric chamber, in order to give her more oxygen for her (much? lowered amount of) blood to pass around her body. In response to lowered patient temperature, her blood pressure stabilizes. But she still has entry wounds, lots of internal tissue damage, lots of blood loss, and either exit wounds or bullets still in her gut cavity/internal organs. And who knows what kind of bullets those were; are they in one piece, are they toxic, are they made from space technology?

The team then takes the hyperbaric chamber into the plane and flies off, saying to each other, essentially, "We gotta do something to help her out."

Maybe this will get answered next week, but isn't the "thing" that should be done ASAP to "help her out" called "going to a hospital"? Are they flying the plane to a hospital? Is Coulson using his mad SHIELD skills to call an emergency room somewhere in Italy? Ward apparently speaks Italian, should he be used to call a hospital?

My apologies for asking potentially stupid questions, here's a music video about taking someone to the hospital as an apology.

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