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Random Space Coolness

This weekend I went to support my girlfriend and my team at a triathlon here in the Houston area. Before the race, in the early dawn morning around 5:45 AM they pointed out a fast moving light next to the moon. It was the International Space Station! I have never actually seen it fly over head and recognized it so that was pretty cool. I am surprised how big and bright it was! But turns out there was more.

Astronaut Luca Parmitano apparently was racing that morning along with another astronaut. According to the race director,

He sent the space station a text message mentioning that he was below them setting up his transition for the race. The space station responded with, "Fantastic! I hope we looked fast...almost as fast as you!"


Small thing but I thought it pretty cool! Apparently in addition to the astronauts, a flight director and several crew trainers were also racing.

In summary, come to Houston and race with astronauts!

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