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Random Spoilery Thoughts on Star Trek - To Infinity and Beyond.

No. Wait. That’s not the title..... Could be though, one of my major gripes with NuTrek (Kelvin Trek?) is that they really don’t give a shit about matching the title with the film. Sure one word titles are all the rage since the TNG films, but at least those were connected to the plot. Well. The Enterprise does fly beyond. something. I grant them that.

First of all, let’s get the Sehlat in the room out of the way. What the hell happened during the last three years? How damn boring must this five year mission have been to make James Tiberius Kirk voluntarily apply for an office job??? Also - he doesn‘t try to hit on any of the hot Alien girls once in the entire movie....... Bones should really check him up... That job is purely reserved for Chekov who has now completely taken over the part of “player” on the ship.


And who will, as we all know sadly not return for the next film. It’s undoubtedly bitter sweet to see Yelchin filling this new version of our favourite space Russian so well one last time. He’s not the most important character, but he’s highly energetic and a lot of fun. But it a movie that’s already tainted by the passing of a legend, even sadder. And yes, they make Ambassador Spock’s absence a plot point, giving him and the rest of the Prime Universe Crew one - probably final good buy.

As for what happens to the now vacant seat - I’m not sure how much if anything they were able to change in the movie after Yelchin’s passing - the last scene is slightly creepy, when the camera pans straight to him after Kirk toasts “to absent friends”... If they have been able to change things, I could not help noticing that in the final shot of the crew one of the guest stars is in frame. One who will now join Starfleet Academy. One who is experienced in maintaining a Federation Starship. I don’t know if there are plans for her, but she’d make a pretty nice addition to the crew.


To the movie - I really liked it. (Full disclaimer, I also don’t dislike Into Darkness, despite it’s obvious flaws - so make for hat what you want.. ;)

Beyond feels like good Star Trek (except for some odd choices, such as the aforementioned space-weariness of Kirk). It doesn’t copy anything from anything ;) but it knows what Trek is. I heard complaints about the ending being to tribble-troubley. Which... I can see where that comes from, but no. There’s a superficial similarity to that reveal, sure, but the actual reveal of the actual villain and his motivation (Extra huge spoilers) are very much in Star Trek tradition. This kind of opponent, one who’s familiar and well versed with Starfleet challenging it’s core ideal with a perverted version of it is very familiar. Even thought the execution may be technically a bit clumsy - I assume a lot of the visual aspects of the revel are mostly there to give us more of Idris Elba sans makeup, even though it’s a headscratcher to figure out how that works...


But it ties into Star Trek Lore - back to Enterprise, the only canon TV show after all, and deeper, touching on the Romulan War, the founding myth of the Federation. Someone does know his canon. :)


Oh. And they do not only play Sabotage. Again. It’s actually a major plot point... Even though this time - I must admit, it makes more sense to be in that era, for the audiofile dates back to a time before even Kirk’s birth... :) Despite that, I guess we do have to accept that the Beastie Boys are classical music in this Universe, even though they’re mostly thumping and screaming..... :)

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