The only Beach Boys tune I've heard that really speaks to me. What a sweet sound.

I'm also trying to figure out a movie to watch in the late hours tonight. Rewatched V for Vendetta earlier. Saw Oculus (because a fool and his money...) in the theater last night. I kinda want to go old, old school and watch The Maltese Falcon (1941), but not sure if I'm in the right mindset for that yet. I may just burn through some more Adventure Time episodes, as I finally caught up on what the fuss is about a few nights back when channel surfing. Quality craziness not depending on pop culture references is refreshing.

I've also been working through the AV Club's "Undercover" project on YouTube.

The good:

Had never heard of Wye Oak before, but their cover of Danzig's "Mother" is representative of a cover done right (i.e. they made it their own). The vibe is moody and atmospheric and I love the singer's vocals.

Don't know anything about Young the Giant either, but this is a slick cover of "Ignition (remix)".

The bad:

From yet another band I never heard of, but this cover of "We Built This City" by Cursive is just...yikes.

The interesting:

Have you heard of The Head & the Heart? The musicianship on this one is solid, but there's a lot of complaints about the female singer. Is she in key? I'm on the fence. In the original Fleetwood Mac version, Lyndsey Buckingham is also basically shouting the same part, but somehow the voice of the singer doing the same part in this band seems incompatible or something. Her vocals definitely stick out and somehow dominate the song.