Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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My cell has been stolen, by two guys that are most probably underage. Because I been transfered to a store that is in a horrible part of the town. When I had been promised to be transfered instead to a store that is 20 minutes from my home. Now I am in a bad part of town where it takes around 90 minutes for me to arrive.

Because of this last minute transference I missed my consultation with my psychologist and was so stressed that forgot to call. Now I lost my time slot and have to wait for another one to open.


My tablet stopped working.

I on my period, having cramps.

It's was raining when I was robbed.

My wallet with my credit cards was taken too, so I can't even buy another cell because I will have to wait for the new ones to arrive.


I have to work tomorrow.

The robbers didn't even deemed necessary to run away after, they WALKED away. That is how much they know that nothing will happen to them.


In the last 40 days I had 3 days off.


I wish that people would have to take a government permission to have children and men that got women pregnant without it, would be castrated. Because that is where these robbers keep coming from, from families don't care at all about their children, that will not educated them.


Also hope that the robbers that robbed me will buy lots of drugs with my cell, and then proceed to have a overdose and get his by a bus, twice.

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