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Rant - Gram Gram, that's just mean.

Yesterday I spent almost the entire afternoon at my parents house with Jessie while my parents were talking with my other relatives, including my grandparents.

My Gram Gram (my grandmother) is ..... a difficult person to be around. I love her don't get me wrong but she has almost no filter. She says whatever is on her mind, even if what's on her mind isn't always the nicest thing to say.

So I spend most of the evening tuning them out, playing with Jessie and my parent's dogs. I tune back in to their conversation just in time to hear Gram Gram say "Well, good thing you had her. God knows that sissy boy will never be giving you grandchildren."


Okay, horrible, inappropriate homophobic slur aside (I hate it too, but you just have to live with it in my family), that hurt. It's most likely very true (I am a horribly pessimistic short overweight nerd, after all. Although I've been slowly fixing the overweight problem over the last year), but it still hurt to hear and I was pretty upset by it.

She is someone who just refuses to see any other point of view but her own. In her world, people should be married off by 21 at the latest and pushing out babies yearly. She always complained to my parents about only having me when most of my aunts and uncles have at least 3 kids. I always want to scream at her that just because she got married at 18 and had 10 kids over 15 years doesn't mean everyone else should.

Not that I'm adverse to the idea. Not at all. I would love to meet someone, fall in love and start a family. Not right now, probably not in the next few years, but someday. The chances of that happening may be slim (extraordinarily so) but a guy can still hope.

And I'm sorry to bring my family problems to you guys (especially when I'm not even asking advice, but just ranting) I just needed to get it out. I usually talk with my cousin about this kind of stuff, but she's out of the state on business. And I wanted to get it out before my therapy session tonight so I don't get overly emotional.

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