Karl Urban recently opined that he wants Star Trek 3 to be a brand new original story. And, of course, the flags are waved and the speeches made about how goddamn awful Star Trek: Into Darkness was, and Abrams & Co. are out of ideas, and they totally ripped off and made worse The Wrath of Kahn, which the Alpha Quadrant has decreed to be the best Star Trek movie ever in the history of ever.

Folks, I remember when production of WoK was announced. And I couldn't believe it. Harve Bennett and Nicolas Meyer were basing this new Trek movie on the plot of "Space Seed", a fair-to-middlin' episode from TOS Season 1? Couldn't they think of anything original? Had they ever seen "Space Seed"?

It has some interesting character moments, no doubt - but that can be said of nearly any given Star Trek episode. No, it's really just another story of a bad mad man who tries to take over the Enterprise because, well, that's what he does - conquest! And seduction! And even though Kahn is physically superior to Captain Kirk, Kirk still defeats Kahn because Starfleet builds billy clubs into the engineering consoles of Constitution-class starships, and Kirk grabs one and pummels Kahn into unconsciousness.


Now, I'll grant you that WoK does take some fascinating turns, and does interesting things with our favorite characters. But I'm not here to debate the merits and flaws of Into Darkness vs. Wrath of Kahn. I just want to point out that the gold standard for Star Trek movies really doesn't score high on the "originality" scale. And that arguably the most "original" Star Trek movie story is the godawful The Voyage Home.

This might be farting into an open airlock, but at least I feel a bit better.