Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I swear these kind of people are actively seeking me out and I hate it.

Today two of my coworkers were talking about Game of Thrones. They were the type of people who I know have families and pretty hectic lives, so it's no surprise they've never read the books and were talking about what they thought would happen next season. Pretty common stuff.


Then another coworker, who has read the books (he's that annoying "I've read the books and am better then you because of it" kind of asshole. You know the type), decides to tell them just how wrong they are, and basically proceeds to spoil everything that happens next in the books.

They of course complain and keep telling him to stop, but he doesn't. He says "The books have been out for years. It's your fault you haven't read them."

Now if this conversation had been online, on something like one of the articles io9 did contemplating how events from the books would be done in the next few seasons, where you can tell spoilers might be in it, I could somewhat understand criticizing someone who makes a conscious decision to read it and then yells "You spoiled it for me".

But this guy basically ruined the next 2 seasons of this show for my coworkers (and me, if I ever decide to watch past the first season) with no provocation and not caring one bit that they kept asking him not too. And why? Because he thought they deserved it for not reading 5 thousand-paged books.


Now, I know who my audience is here. A whole lot of bibliophiles who do think that the books are always better and should be read. And I do agree with that. But what I don't agree with is using that knowledge to be an ass and purposefully spoiling it to people who don't have the time or just prefer watching the show/movies and who give an honest effort to avoid spoilers.

So let my tar and feathering begin, I just needed to rant.

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