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Rape Culture and TV

No means No means no means "Fuck NO, go away!"

I'm sick and tired of TV shows (and, well, media in general) trying to tell us that guys who keep pursuing women even after they say no as "romantic." Two of my favourite shows are doing it right now and it's making me yell things at the TV every time there's a scene between the characters..


First off it's Suits with Jessica and her ex, who now works for her at her law firm. And the guy seems to be incapable of understanding why being a relationship with your both can be bad for both you, but especially for said female boss. That game he was playing to get Jessica to work with him on case (and ended up humiliating Louis) was manipulative and childish (with a side of creepy). What's worse, they're letting him "win." They're also doing it with rachel and what's-his-name-CEO with whom she had an affair.

Second example going on right now is on Covert Affairs where our heroine meets this cocky CEO in the private security business who both wants to get her to come work for him and get into her pants. He hits on her at every opportune moment: the first time they meet, in the middle of a mission, when she's clearly not feeling well. All while questioning her craft capabilities. Dear writers, "I know you want it" is a creepy line from a Robin Thicke song, not the premise around which to built your romantic storylines. These are hardly the only examples, but I think that by this point we should know better. And more importantly do better.

Another thing that's been bugging me is Defiance deployment of the "when you want to make a woman into a hero, you hurt her first. When you want to make a man into a hero, you hurt... also a woman first" trope with Amanda in this latest episode. That a woman was raped is not inconceivable, nor unlikely in that world. But Amanda has so far been well characterized and I don't think she needed this trauma as a reason to be who she is: a smart, independent woman who rana city well and who raised her little sister. Then they go and add that Amanda had an abortion because the pregnancy was the result of rape, not because she wasn't ready or didn't want to bring a child into an unstable world that's barely putting itself back together after a violent war. It's an absolutely unnecessary plot point and completely unoriginal.

They also applied this same trope to Berlin who from a badass soldier has inexplicably turned into a woman to rescue, simply to further Tommy's pain and childish tantrum against Nolan. (BTW, I wasn't the only one that groaned at the "I've a woman to rescue!" line, right?) All of the women in this show have been abused in some way. And that's more than a little problematic.


Surely we can come up with better storylines for women, can't we?

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