(Warning that the trailers may be considered NSFW, plus you probably want to either have the sound down or wear headphones)

Just a quick note for anyone interested that this coming Saturday night (very early Sunday morning?) the Turner Classic Movie channel’s Underground block has scheduled a couple of well-regarded animated features from 1973.

Up first at 2:15 AM is Eiichi Yamamoto’s psychedelic and surreal Kanashimi no belladonna or Belladonna of Sadness. The story, per the TCM synopsis, revolves around “a peasant woman is banished from her village and makes a deal with the devil to gain magical powers” or “a woman sells her soul to the devil to lead a rebellion against a corrupt baron”. No idea if they are running the restored version (though I would guess being TCM that they are) but supposedly worth the watch for the soundtrack alone.

At 4 AM, following Belladonna and a short behind-the-scenes feature about Soylent Green, is La Planete Sauvage aka Fantastic Planet from director Rene Laloux. Again from the TCM synopsis “The 39-foot pastel Draags keep leashes on the Orms, their tiny pets descended from humans” and “A runaway slave uses alien technology to lead a revolt against his masters”. (Probably because I am thick) I could not work out for certain whether it will be the original or the dubbed version*, but again it being TCM I would guess it will be in French with subtitles.

Anyway, just wanted to give folks a heads up in case they were interested.

*Have they released the English-dubbed version on DVD (asks the old person who still has his VHS copy)? Also, not that it matters at all but I really love the older trailer for Fantastic Planet.