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Ravenous bacterium eats Birthweek and produces power

The seventh and last section of the birthweek festivities! I ... saved the most annoying video for last, apparently, and I’m going to have to clear my search history after this.

Today’s topic, if you choose to discuss it, is recycled from last year:

How in the next year are you going to make the Observation Deck more awesomer?

Alternate question:

Nah I don’t have an alternate question I’m just glad everyone who is here is still here. It’s been an odd past 12 months with a lot of turnover, most of it with people leaving, so I’m thankful for those who remain.


Answer #1 for me is: I’m not sure. I’ve been kicking around an idea for a weekly regular write-up so I might finally execute that idea. We’ll see.

Thank you for supplying feedback on Birthweek 7.0 and I hope to see you all at Birthweek 8.0.

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