Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

RE: Following

I'll confess — I really like that little blue "following" check mark. And I was wondering if any of you had any hard-and-fast rules regarding who you decide to follow.

My guidelines are pretty simple: if you showed enough interest in something I slapped up on the screen to comment or reply, I'm gonna follow you. Only seems fair. If it turns out later that you're some kind of heathern savage or soup aficionado, I can always un-follow you. It's really only going to make a big difference in what shows up in your "All" tab in Private View — and who in Grodd's name spends much time there?


...or is that the only place it makes a difference? I have this totally unfounded theory that followers and followees are a variable in the sooper-sekrit "algorithm" long fabled in song and story. If everyone is following everyone, is anyone a leader? Would it make a difference in what appears in "Highlights"? Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité! All for one and five for a dollar!

Or not. It was just a random thought, I'm not trying to start a movement. But I am interested in what (if any) thought the rest of youse guys put into who you follow. (Besides, y'know, "Oh, crap, how did I miss him/her/them/it??")

(And if someone follows me? I'll confess right now, total Sally Fields Syndrome — I'm so damn easy!)

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