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RE: RE: Following

A few random thoughts regarding my post from yesterday:

  • Taking a cue from some of the folks who responded to me, I looked at my "followers" list for the first time in a good while. And my (admittedly sizable) ego went, "Whuh-whuh-whaaaaaaaaa??" Good gravy, people, there's no way I'm that interesting!
  • ...and that number (I didn't count, I may be borderline OCD but I'm also lazy) may be misleading. It lists commenters and blogs that are following you, and some (all?) of those are the same person twice. Does anyone know the rules here? If you follow someone, do you automatically follow their blog (or vice-versa)? Does it make a difference where you click the follow button (the main page, Odeck, the other person's blog page)? I realize this probably has something to do with making it easier to share content across pages, but it seems unnecessarily complex.
  • Since my poetry post was shared to thursdaytales (belated thanks to Drillpress!), I have followers on there now! And I don't even post to thursdaytales! Any of you ever had something shared cross-platform and found you suddenly had followers on, say, Crosstalk? (I'm mainly curious about the mechanics — I don't post much to tt, but it is one of "my" blogs, so that may explain it.)
  • More of my apparently genetically encoded need for passive-aggressive bitching: isn't "Account Settings" kind of an odd place for the following/followers list? I kind of miss the old pre-Kinja "Profile" page, where you could see the avatars of all your followers/followed blown up to actual visible size. It looked pretty cool.
  • Finally, a request. I originally wanted to head the first article with a video of Madeline Kahn and John Belushi singing "I Will Follow Him", from a Chinatown spoof on classic SNL. I couldn't find it on YouTube, so I settled for the kitty pic (1st Rule of Internet: Always Have a Backup Kitty!). Anyone know if it's on the web somewhere (besides behind Lorne Michaels' paywall, that is)?

Well, that's about it, thanks again for reading! And if you ever see a "RE: RE: RE: Following" post, please, whop me upside the head with something sizable. :P

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