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Reaction Thread: So I watched the new Death Note movie and didn't hate it

I actually kind of liked it... I have some spoiler free reactions in the post, but everyone should chime in with as many actual reactions on the comments. Come on in, my peeps.

So this movie has been completely panned by critics, and maybe it’s because it has been criticized soooo much, and probably because it’s been like 10 years since I watched the anime, but I guess my expectations were so low that I actually enjoyed the movie. Warts and all.


Here’s the thing you probably want to know without spoiling everything about the movie:

  • Somehow the acting starts terrible and gets good by the end of the movie.
  • Kira is very changed for what I remember... nowhere near as smart as in the TV show and some personality trates that you might have loved will also be absent.
  • Kristen Stewart 3.0 has a bigger role than anticipated.
  • I kinda loved L even though his genius moments are not very earned.
  • They packed much more mythology than I expected, but probably not the type of mythology that you are expecting.
  • It just feels like it would have made a very decent mini-series...
  • It is rushed... it is less rushed than you are expecting... still things move a bit too fast.
  • Dafoe is definitely the right choice.
  • I’m sorry for the actor, but I kinda want to punch Kira’s actor in the face all the time. I don’t know why.
  • Things that feel to weird or convenient do pay off better than expected.
  • It is a lot more faithful than I thought it would be to the original series... still you need to let go and understand that this is gonna end up being different and not as smart to actually enjoy the ride.

But maybe I just have a very high tolerance for BS. What did you guys think?

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