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Read An Excerpt of Dean Trippe's Something Terrible

Here's a small portion of the comic that artist Dean Trippe has been working on for the last year, his childhood confessional piece, Something Terrible.

The comic deals with extreme childhood trauma and is very moving stuff indeed. You can find the full strip at TenCentTicker, where its downloadable for the very awesome price of 99c, all proceeds go to Dean to help him make more awesome art.


But wait, there's more! You see that awesome colour panel near the end of this excerpt? You can buy prints of that piece, entitled: "You'll Be Safe Here", from Dean's store at Society Six. You want some of this, surely?

If you enjoyed this, check out Dean Trippe‘s art on tumblr, deviantART or on his website.

Dean Trippe via: webstoodstupid.com

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