Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Saw Man of Steel last week. I don't want to get into a critique of the movie - that's been done more and better elsewhere - but it did get me thinking about some things.

Think about the destruction wreaked across Metropolis by Kal-El and Zod. Or the havoc in NYC as Spider-man battled the Lizard. Or any of the hundreds of superpowered brawls in large cities. In a world where such events occur, why would anyone want to live or run a business in a major city?


I see a world where cities are generally abandoned. Most manufacturing takes place well away from urban centers. Ubiquitous internet access allows for telecommuting. As I see it, there are few jobs that truly require employees to travel into cities. My housemate's sister works for a high-profile brokerage firm, and she says the only reason she lives in New York City is because her employer demands it. Decentralization avoids the disruption that superpower mayhem causes.

So, tell me - does this make sense, or am I huffing leftover Kryptonian air?

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