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Really, DC? Really? This Is Why We Can't Have NICE THINGS

So it's been revealed that instead of being the sole creation of Hippolyta (made in clay, blessed with life by the gods), she is now the daughter of Hippolyta… and Zeus. This is a mistake, but not necessarily the one you're thinking of. (What do I know? I'm not psychic.)

DC has shown consistently that their plans for making motion pictures have frankly, lost its center. To recap:


* Superman's responsible for the deaths of heaven knows how many thousands (not to mention the billion or so in property damage).

* Batman's being played by a new actor and his extremely successful franchise is going to be largely, if not entirely, ignored.

* Wonder Woman's whole background in a patriarchy-free society just got traded out for literally the biggest and most famous patriarch of all as her dad: Zeus.

[EDIT: I'm woefully behind on New 52 transitions— including one that this new lineage for Diana has been in place for a while. Apologies for the oversight. That being said, this still retcons out one of the finer points of Diana's background: the entirely feminine upbringing for her character, who was still a badass.]


This is a mistake. Not only is DC changing something critically important to the character's make-up, they're demonstrating— again— that they have no faith in their own written material, or their readers. "Oh. Well Superman's too hard to relate to. We have to make him grittier." Wrong.

"Oh. Well Diana needs a dad." Wrong. "Diana's origins can't be TOO supernatural, we'll make her a demigod instead." Wrong.


This is a nervous, pandering, making-love-in-a-canoe rewrite. I wasn't going to bring this up, DC, but Marvel took chances with their audiences and sold 'em tickets to a rocket-launching raccoon and a talking tree. Their audiences paid $687 MILLION SMACKERS to see that. And you're worried about people questioning how a woman with superpowers could be borne of clay? [Seemed to work just fine when Saruman did something similar.]

You have no faith in your core material. You have no faith in your audience's ability to be smart or open-minded enough to go with what you have to sell.


That WHOOSHING noise you hear is your competition, running by. Again.

On your left.

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