Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Reasons why I come here every day: sanity!

Here we respect the Old Gods and The New, we believe in Cthulu, and we hope there's Stargate under Cheyenne Mountain. Apropos of Annalee's updated manifesto.

So, I may have mentioned it around here before, but I started doing tai-chi (or taijiquan, or whatever else you want to spell it in English) this past autumn. In that context it's sort of expected to hear stuff about syncing your energy or whatever. I'm a person of science so I don't really believe any of that stuff but I really do enjoy doing tai-chi, and I'm pretty sure there's a perfectly good explanation for my palms heating while doing the sphere exercises correctly. And you know, general health exercises.


Now my class is tiny and it's made up mostly by some very nice little old ladies. And while talking about the bracelets she wears one of them said it's to protect from radio wave transmissions of negativity and fear (or something like that). So, I had to ask. Couldn't help myself.


Apparently QEII is one, as is the prince of Wales. But not Camilla.

So I busied myself with tying my shoelaces and trying not to burst out laughing. This person is also into reiki (sp?) and believes some sort of wonderful idealistic almost communist-like utopia is in our future.


So the ODeck is my refuge from anti-vaxxers, creationists, and whatever the hell you can call that kind of person.

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