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The last episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with (SPOILER ALERT!) Rebecca and Greg about to embark on a three day trip to Pound Town (I was half expecting one of them to sing the “Sexy Gonna Do It Song”).

This new music video from Monday’s episode, “Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?”, then is filled with sex. Sexy sex. Sex in lots of positions. But also, it’s about Rebecca thinking that she also maybe likes Greg, too. As more than a fuckbuddy. She can’t ignore the feels.


The next episode is the second to last of the season and it’s about how Josh is in, well, a bad mood. Another music video has been released showing his bad mood called “Angry Mad,” which is also a glorious Karate Kid tribute.

There is one other song in the episode we have yet to see and that one might be the best one yet. It’s called “I Gave You a UTI.” Why isn’t everyone watching this show yet?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs on Mondays, 8 PM on the CW.

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