I don't know about y'all, but when I do work I like some background noise on. Usually I'll pipe in a show on NetFlix while I write or research away. Occasionally looking up and at the TV.

Recently NetFlix has acquired the rights from Rainmaker Entertainment [formerly Mainframe Entertainment] to show Beast Wars Transformers and ReBoot which are both great shows geared towards kids but with the first iterations of CGI technology. Reportedly, Beast Wars season 1 cost $18 Million to make way back in 1996.

I was doing some reading on Mainframe because it seemed odd to me that these shows were very popular not only for kids but for cultural references and Beast Wars influencing a lot of Transformers canon material. I read that not only are they making two pure CGI Movies - Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper [both of these, video game adaptations], but that they are indeed reviving ReBoot!


"The recently launched Mainframe Entertainment unit, a division of Rainmaker Entertainment, focuses on animated and live-action television production, and currently has two animated series in the pipeline.

In Fall 2013, the company announced its plans to develop a new version of its iconic CG-animated ReBoot series, and in April 2014 began production for HiT Entertainment of 104 10-minute episodes of the new CG-animated Bob the Builder series."


I for one, could not be more excited. 20 years ago, I watched this show and thought it was kick ass and imaginative. I hope that Hack and Slash make it back into the show.


Images and source material from http://www.rainmaker.com/