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Rec request: art or artist blogs/sites?

I follow a number of fanartist tumblrs, but what I don't follow is people who include a lot of explanation and tutorialing. Maybe Tumblr isn't the right place for it, or maybe starting from fanart, so focussed around getting immediate emotive art out to the audience, isn't the best angle. And deviantArt—how to sort for anything, including quality?


I do like the premise of Muddy Colors, but the comments are weaksauce, and also bring out the worst in me. I'd love a lot of sci fi Tom of Finland posts to go up, and the standard "that's not sexy!" or "some women totally look like that!" people to ... whatever they do. Let's get varying objectifying female ga....

THAT'S NOT MY POINT. Sites like Muddy Colors, a collective, or Umami Design which I've just started looking at and am quite charmed by. It started off by looking for new Drawing Challenges, but then I got sucked in and am maybe gonna try a few of his method suggestions.


I did also start poking around Rural Route 1 (since I want to focus on improving my pen and ink work), but more philosophy (religion to be exact) than I can handle without distraction.

Can you suggest sites that do tutorials or work-in-progress walkthroughs? Stuff that's process oriented, so I can get more exposure to how people do their magic.


Oh, and fie on those who not only make click to save hard, they disable right clicking over images entirely. THIS IS HTML. You have a long way to go before you make that picture inaccessible to us (thank dog for the prevalence of Inspect Element, but I will printscreen in a pinch, so fuck off). Someone will (probably has already) soon, though.

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