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Recommend a book!

Today has been very booky on io9, what with the absolutely awesome chapter from the newest Scott Lynch book, the very sad news about Iain M Banks and the usual Wednesday Bookclub. It got me thinking...

We're a pretty bookish tribe, so let's help each other out. My modest proposal is this: we either leave a comment suggesting a book we love and why people might like it, or leave a comment with some books you enjoy and other Niners will suggest books you may also like.


(I partly blame/credit this idea to our dear Darklighter, because I saw a lot of people on the Scott Lynch post were mentioning Patrick Rothfuss and he answered my "is he any good?" answer quite emphatically on Twitter. I bought it this afternoon!)

So go, tell us about a book you love that you think others should read, or ask for some suggestions!

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