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​Recommended Comic Read: SPREAD from Image Comics

Story by Justin Jordan; Art by Kyle Strahm; Colour by Felipe Sobreiro

Official synopsis:

Ten years ago, we dug too deep. We unleashed something ancient that couldn't be controlled. Something that couldn't be stopped, twisting everything it touched into more of itself. The Spread. Humanity was nearly destroyed before we found a way to slow the Spread to a crawl. Now, deep inside the quarantined zone, one man has found the key to stopping it forever: a baby girl. And if he can save her, he might save the world.


My thoughts:

I missed it last week when it was released and was kicking myself when I couldn't find any copies at any nearby comic shops (went to six different stores!) but I lucked out today and was able to grab two copies. Phew! Unexpected popularity and demand on an underordered new series. They've gone to second printing as I type this.

It's pretty violent with an ample amount of gore and shock; the art is gritty but clean and not overly confusing; characters and circumstances are cliched, but I'm willing to look past that because I enjoy post-apocalyptic deadly organism stories anyway; "No" is the tropey main character with a specific set of skills (killing, duh); the baby "Hope" is, unsurprisingly, exactly that; The Spread itself is pretty threatening and the mystery behind it should be predictable, how can it not be when we've seen/read it all already?

Skip this title if you can't look beyond cliches and tropes, it's not in-your-face but you can't avoid it either. Pick it up if you're a fan of 'The Thing' + 'Lone Wolf & Cub' + 'Mad Max'


3.5 / 5

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