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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Recommended Reading: WYTCHES from Image Comics

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UPDATE: Sold out right away, 2nd printing is coming! https://imagecomics.com/content/view/w…



'Wytches' is a great read to usher in Halloween. There's only one word to describe the comic: creepy.


I usually spoil the entire plot and events, but I don't want to with this book. You'll just have to buy/read it yourself, it's worth it.

Here's what I will say:

The art (by Jock and Matt Hollingsworth) is gritty yet clean, characters aren't confused with their surroundings, which usually happens in gritty art. Colours are selectively vibrant while the rest is muted, works really well, I gotta say, the art is outstanding and certain panels may give you nightmares.


The story (by Scott Snyder) isn't tropey, yes the main character (Sailor Rooks) is a "weird" outsider with a secret, but you won't eye-roll, especially when you find out why she's the way she is. You'll actually emphathize with her.

As for the meat of the plot: witches, flesh-eating, scary-looking, blood-dripping, witches. We're only introduced to the minimum, not much was revealed or explored in the first issue, but don't let that slow burn deter you, it works well in 'Wytches'


Released yesterday for $2.99 USD (great value!) and rated M. Hopefully, comic shops still have it in stock.

4.5 outta 5


Be mindful of your greasy fingers, both the front and back covers are black, the horror of oily fingerprint stains terrified me more than Wytches!

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