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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Red Dwarf Series XI coming in September

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We now have episode synopsis and a confirmed broadcast date of September 2016 for series XI. Here’s the official season synopsis:

The show’s six episode run sees two of the Dwarfers’ dreams come true: Rimmer accidentally saves the life of a Space Corps Captain and is promoted to Officer, while Cat takes time off from being in love with himself to fall in love with a female Cat with a secret. Meantime, Lister wakes up to discover a deranged droid has stolen some of his body parts and Kryten has a mid-life crisis and considers leaving the Dwarfers for a younger crew. The posse also find themselves in an alternative America where modern technology is outlawed, making both Kryten and Rimmer illegal.

Hardcore Dwarfers will immediately recognize two of those storylines as the basic plots behind Bodysnatchers and Identity Within, two unproduced episodes from the 1st and 7th season, though set reports confirm that at least the Bodysnatcher’s episode has received some pretty major tweaks. (Which makes sense, given that several segments from that episode later appeared in Bodyswap, and Rimmer now has a Hard Light hologram body, so doesn’t really need to grow himself a new one using bits stolen from Lister’s body)


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