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Red Letter Media's "Star Trek: Into Darkness" review is out!

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*Spoiler: No Plinkett review, strictly "Half in the Bag".

We have all come to know and love Mike, Jay, Rich, and the rest of the Milwaukee bingedrinking filmmakers known as Red Letter Media. If you only know the Plinkett reviews but have not seen Half in the Bag, prepare to be just as amazed. The episodes are getting more and more fluid as the show goes on, to the point where the most recent reviews (Iron Man 3, Jack the Giant Slayer, Evil Dead, etc) seem like authentically watchable mass-media entertainment. Which is where I wish these guys would end up. Mike Stoklasa and Jay Baum have comedy chops like anyone's business.


Warnings— if you hate spoilers, awkwardly inserted puns, brilliantly deadpan sarcasm, or bingedrinking Milwaukee whitefolk, then you might want to avoid this.


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