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Red Nose Box or do you need a fireman?

The Who crew marked Red Nose Day with a little paint job last week, but it reminded me that in days of yore anyone driving into the northbound lane of the Blackwall Tunnel would have spotted a red-hued TARDIS up on the left. Well, it was more a dirty pinky-mauve, but such is life. It was a weird little sight before whizzing underneath the River Thames.

Mile End Fire Brigade Box has seen better days.

It wasn’t a police box though, it was there to service the needs of the London Fire Brigade if they needed to shut off the road and deal with any emergency of a flammable nature. The TARDIS Builders have a more detailed discussion on their noticeboard.


Meanwhile in Glasgow they seem to be going for trans-dimensional Hot Dogs. Do you suppose I can get a savaloy? Oi,Oi!

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