Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Check out the terrifying new trailer for The Lock In!

No, seriously though, the new movie from Holy Moly Pictures (that's their real name!) is "found footage" from a 2010 church lock in where teenage boys release a demon from a pornographic magazine. Here's the backstory from the website:

The following information has recently been released to the public. It was the decision of the board at First Baptist Church to "officially" release the following information about what happened in the spring of 2010.
In the spring of 2010, a church lock in at First Baptist Church was organized by Pastor Chris. In the first hour of the lock in, one of the students, Justin, had an unusual "incident" and was "inconsolable."
It was reported that he calmed down and kept to himself for the remainder of the event.
Two days after the lock in, Justin reportedly broke down to his parents that he experienced something "evil" at the lock in. He also claimed he captured everything on tape.
After watching the footage, the parents met with church leaders to discuss criminal charges they were considering filing against the church for child endangerment, neglect and torture.
A special hearing was immediately organized to find out what was on the tape.
Two pastors, six elders and an unknown number of overseers met at an undisclosed location to view the footage of the tape. It was reported that two of the elders resigned their duties immediately after viewing the footage.
Pastor Chris, after viewing the footage, turned in his immediate resignation to the church board.
A undisclosed settlement was made between the church and families involved.
The footage was officially released in May of 2013 in full cooperation with the families and individuals involved.


Forget wondering how a demon got into a porno magazine or how it was released just by looking at the magazine especially in a church. The real question is who was still buying pornographic magazines in 2010?

The movie will be available for online download on January 9th for only $5.99.

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