Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I deleted it. It was a moronic, hastily thought-through move on my part. The mods and admins didn't touch it, so any vitriol should be aimed at me, not them.

In case you missed the original post, it was in response to THIS Jezebel post from earlier today. Having said that, the comments DID give a lot of great feedback, which I'd like to address here.


1.) Some posts are better off leaving alone. Seriously. I've spoken with CrashedPC about the post, and aside from the fact that I left the mods facepalming over the whole thing, the fact is that, even if it WEREN'T from the free-for-all that is Jezebel, poking at such a post was both ill-advised and ill thought-out, especially since I didn't post any sort of qualifiers. That leads me to

2.) The importance of context. I posted two pictures, a screencapture of the page itself and an image of a bewildered stick figure. My intent was not to question the post itself, as it's the Internet and cocks will pop up (huehuehue) from time to time. My original intent was to question it being placed on Jezebel's front page, as, to me, it seemed hypocritical for them to post that sort of content after countless articles about how women are objectified. Of course, Crashed *gently* reminded me that getting involved in certain types of posts (edited because that was kind of a dick way to put it) is never a wise decision, regardless of intent... which leads me to

3.) Smeagol done fucked up, y'all. I made a post, I got something of a heated response, and in true Internet fashion, I deleted effing everything in an attempt to just make it go away. Smeagol knows better than this and Smeagol hates it when this happens. I suppose the thing to take away from this is not to accuse people of hypocrisy when you turn around and do the thing that makes you roll your own eyes.

You guys deserve better from your O-Deck contributors. You guys deserve better from me. It's a kick in the teeth, but a much-needed one for me.


Now. If you want to rake me over the coals, go ahead; I know that I've earned myself a bit of side-eye tonight. I at least owe Crashed this post absolving him of any perceived hand in it, as he's one of the few people I talk to outside of the Site here and I'd kinda like it to remain that way.

Smeagol, out.

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