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Regular Show Does Super Robot Anime

If you like giant robot shows then last night's Regular Show is a must watch as it lovingly parodied a genre of anime and tv shows. Voltron, Gurran Lagan, Transformers, G FRICKIN GUNDAM! The entire opening is pretty much a shot for shot reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The episode plot is simple enough. Some evil toy executives want Mordecai and Rigby and the Baby Ducks from a previous episode to sign a licensing deal to have toys made by them. But since the toy company has terrible toys (with a nice little nod to terribleness of some Regular Show toys), the team refuses. Naturally this leads to an ever escalating battle of giant robots as new twists make each side's robot stronger and larger till the point they are wielding a sword larger then the Earth.


Did you expect a western cartoon to reference G Gundam's suiting up sequence? Cause I definitely didn't!

Even as the battle gets more and more ridiculous, we get a great shot at toy companies poor treatment of girls.


You should definitely check the episode out!

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