Reilly Brown is an artist who has worked for both of the Big 2. Apparently, he will be the artist in an upcoming Cable and Deadpool comic. Unfortunately, Reilly and his family have fallen on hard times due to a fire that caused damage to his apartment.

I would ask you to go to his tumblr feed and read what happened. There he has pictures of the damage including a picture of the damage to his building on the local news. He offers sketchbook and other artwork for assistance in this time of need. Add to this a new born baby and you can see how difficult things are at this time.

It has come to my attention that in past years, people would post similar content here to ask for a self serving handout. This is not the case with Reilly Brown. You can read about his dilemma at Comics Alliance and Bleeding Cool just so you know this is on the up and up.

Full disclosure: Reilly and myself are a part of Comics Experience, in where he and other professionals offer knowledge and insight into the comics industry where I’m a workshop member/student.


You can read about the unfortunate situation that he and his family find themselves in and how to purchase Reilly’s artwork and other stuff here.

Thank you for reading this.