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Back in 2014, there was a LARP (Live Action Role Play) that took place over a long weekend at a castle in Czocha, Poland over a long weekend. It was about 180 students who did classes, and basically were in character at a wizard’s school. Here’s a link to the old article IO9 ran.

There was much gnashing of teeth here in the US, where admittedly, we have Hogwarts down in Orlando, FL. But that’s at least a grand in admission and transit and food and merch. Crowded as hell, and no way you get to go without a substantial investment in time and patience. Many asked why could we not have a roleplay like that here in the United States?

Including two attendees who went to the castle LARP in Poland who decided to do something about it.

Enter; The New World Magischola. A LARP that takes place in the wizarding world, but here in the United States. A country with its own entrenched magical traditions, Marshals (read aurors), and its own premiere school for young wizards to go to in order to find their destinies. And in that school, new and unique houses to be sorted into.Instead of a castle, this one’s going to be held at the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA. And like the one in Poland, it pretty much sold out instantaneously.


This one ran 450.00 a ticket, but what a way to fly. 4 days and 3 nights in a magical college dormatory environment. You get a roomie unless you got the 900.00 add on so you could room with your friend/partner/spouse like I did. 8 Buffet style meals. Robes ties and books...

It’s bring your own wand, but honestly, that’s no hardship. I already had designs to make some for my wife and I. But they’ve the cooperation of an etsy dealer by the name of Rumble & Roar for wands for them what don’t have any.


The kickstarter site, which outlays a lot of the perks and things that you get and will happen is at this link here. However, if you want to look at the lore and histories of the houses at the school and the majors those houses tend by tradition to excel at, then have a look at their website here.

It’s sold out for 2016, however. If they hit their stretch goals, they’ll do this again in 2017. More to the point, they’ll also consider doing a kids version of this as a kind of Summer Camp too. As well as movies shot of this one with music and everything.


Ohhhh, this is gonna be fun! CAN’T WAIT! CAN’T WAIT!

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