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If you don’t have authorship on the Observationdeck you can still post here by tagging posts on your personal kinja blog with OBSERVATIONDECK, so they show up on this tag page where one of us will usually see them & share them* to the main Odeck. Then when you’ve had a few posts shared you can ask the Mods for authorship. It would be a good idea to read this slightly old Mod post first though:


*As long as it has a headline, is broadly on topic**, you don’t post spoilers in the headline or first paragraph, it isn’t just a picture or link with no write up or description, it isn’t spam or grossly offensive, any links work & if it’s news or a tv/film comment or recap you check the Odeck first to see if someone else has already posted about it. If it’s news & someone else has already posted the same thing I probably won’t share your post & if it’s a comment about or recap of a tv show or film & there’s already a post on the Odeck front page on the same subject please post your comment in reply to that instead of making a new one.

**I think if a subject has ever written about for io9 by one of their writers it’s relevant. So generally Science Fiction & Science but also Fantasy, Futurism, History, Archeology & related Fiction, TV, Film, Architecture, Politics, Art, Culture, Rpgs, etc... io9 main might’ve temporarily got a bit lost & forgotten itself (I know, it’s not it’s fault & was imposed from above), but there’s no reason why we have to do the same.

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