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Big actors have small beginnings. That’s where Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey got their start with starring roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

Given the success of Star Trek: The Next Generation, why not siphon a little of that synergy off it. TCM:TNG is also known as Part 2.


The plot is very basic: 4 teenagers off to the senior prom when Jenny (Zellweger) finds her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl. The situation has the four in an ensuing arguement while driving a car that crashes into another. In short, they seek help from tow truck driver Vilmer Slaughter (McConaughey). And without spoiling the rest, you can imagine what happens when you meet a shady guy named Vilmer Slaughter.

I have to say the movie is not very good. Other than trying to capitalize on the reputation of the original, this supposed sequel is not very good. Still, its kind of fun to see Renee and a young McConaughey in a slasher movie.

This accompanying interview has Renee Zellweger reminiscing about her first big break and what a very low budget project this movie was.



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