Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

On top of the list of independent theaters that are showing "The Interview," threats from the Internet be damned, Sony has now gotten the help of Google to distribute the film.

From the official Google Blog:

Last Wednesday Sony began contacting a number of companies, including Google, to ask if we'd be able to make their movie, "The Interview," available online. We'd had a similar thought and were eager to help—though given everything that's happened, the security implications were very much at the front of our minds.

Of course it was tempting to hope that something else would happen to ensure this movie saw the light of day. But after discussing all the issues, Sony and Google agreed that we could not sit on the sidelines and allow a handful of people to determine the limits of free speech in another country (however silly the content might be).

So starting at 10 a.m. PST in the U.S., you can rent or buy "The Interview" on Google Play and YouTube Movies. It will also be available to Xbox Video customers and via www.seetheinterview.com.


According to my math, that means it should be out right about now. I'm fairly certain renting price is about $6, which is less than a dumb ol' theater ticket.

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