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A few days ago, Luca Saitta at The Mary Sue wrote an interesting post about replacing Spider-Man with new teen hero Kamala Kahn in the Civil War movie. Its worth a read but basically it boils down to: Marvel has proven they can do what they want and deviate from the comic story lines, Spiderman is owned by Sony, and Kahn is basically the new modern Spiderman anyway. I agree with all these points.

There are a few problems with this, most obvious being that Carol Danvers hasn't been introduced in the MCU yet, and she won't have her own movie until 2018 (FUUUUUUUUU). To this I think they could introduce Captain Marvel STAT, like a cameo in Age of Ultron just to establish she is out there and she is currently kicking ass before becoming an Avenger. Or Kamala Kahn could be dabbling in super heroics before we see Captain Marvel, and Kamala takes the Ms. Marvel name after being inspired later in her career. Its messy but I still like the idea.


Some of the commenters on Saitta's post matter-of-factly say that Black Panther OBVIOUSLY is going to take Peter Parker's place in Civil War, though this doesn't make sense to me. Black Panther is like if Captain America was a genius inventor and also the president, and very un-Peter Parker-y.

There's going to be a lot of heroes in play by the time Civil War comes out in 2016 that could replace Spider-Man. I suppose its possible they drop that side switching role entirely but it seems so central to the story that I really don't think that's going to happen. What do you guys think?

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