Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I wrote a poem this morning that I thought might go down well here.

When all the coast had gone to sleep,

The kaiju rose up from the deep.

The harsher world from whence she came

Still fueled a rage that none could tame.

A city crumbled in her hands

And soon gave way to wider lands.

All her life was planned for this.

To tear down man was utter bliss.

But even then her doom drew nigh.

A Jaeger dropped out from the sky.

His metal gleamed with every stride,

A shining symbol of man's pride.

They fought for hours in the rain.

And long it seemed she stood to gain.

But when she turned off to the north,

The Jaeger let his sword spring forth.

At last it pierced her monstrous hide

And cut a swath both deep and wide.

The Jaegar then drew back his sword,

While the kaiju writhed and roared.

The Jaeger watched the kaiju fall,

And took the moment to stand tall.

But she would have the final word.

For deep within, a heartbeat stirred.

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