Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Response Statute of Limitations

I have a confession to make: I just violated one of my own rules, however unwittingly.

One of the 'unwritten rules of the Internet' I try to live by is not to respond to posts or comments older than 6-8 months or so. The reason is simple: There's no point. Everyone has, or should have, moved on by now. (Indeed, depending on the age of the item and the vagaries of fate, there's no guarantee those involved are even still drawing breath.)

Just now, I responded to a comment on an article from 2009 (!) regarding the late great (but possibly soon to be joyously resurrected) Omni magazine. Once I realized the age of the post, as you might guess, I felt like an absolute blockhead.


So, let's hear it. What would anyone else out there consider an Internet equivalent to a 'three-second rule'? A month? A year? A week?

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