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Hell and damnation. We've lost a giant.

Science Fiction icon, Leonard Nimoy, has passed away. I can try to summarize a lifetime spent before and behind the camera, but it will fall short. I can try to articulate the piece that is now missing from the whole. It cannot accurately be measured, there's too much dust.


I can't express in words what he meant to me, or to you as an individual, or to his fan base as a community. I have no right to speak for you. But I suspect we're all in the same boat. We've lost a giant.

As Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy epitomized cool, unflinching logic. It would be easy to assume his character felt nothing at all, when the truth was the complete opposite. Vulcans— let alone Vulcan/Human hybrids— had enormously strong feelings. It was simply that they kept them under lock and key at all (or almost all) times.

As a kid, this appealed to me greatly. The concept that one of the most accomplished, most respected members of Starfleet could go about his work and still make strong familial ties while showing virtually no sign of it on the surface whatsoever... Well. It resonated.


Suffice it to say that millions have found something reflected in Mr. Spock that they admired, or recognized, or wished they could be. The connection to the actor sharing his face was inevitable as it was effortless.


Nimoy has had a storied career (including a few musical numbers that defy all logic). A personal favorite is his performance in the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The actor accepted the role on the basis that Dr. Kibner was quite emotionally expressive, which was a polar contrast from his most famous role. His performance in the film is simultaneously electrifying and chilling.

I'd be remiss not to mention that Nimoy directed Star Trek IV, which was both the most unique story in the ST film franchise, as well as the most successful (in adjusted dollars). It also stands out as one of the best.


Star Trek fans have the dubious privilege of already having one hell of a send off for the beloved character, and now the actor that brought him to life. The link is above for your enjoyment and/or reflection.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy. You've touched more lives than can be counted.

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